3 Facts About Setting Up Your Google AdWords Campaign Which Google Is Not Telling You

We all know how much potential lies in advertising on the internet. And if you want to reach the whole world with your offer (either an affiliate offer or your own product) and you want to do it in next to no time, then AdWords is the place to go. Unfortunately choosing the default settings for your Google AdWords campaign is usually not enough to expect great results…

Let me show you these 3 ready-to-use tips on Google AdWords campaign management that will help you to improve your results and get your hands really dirty with search engine marketing.

1. Turn off the Display/Content Network and mobile devices

If you want to display your ads in the Google Search Engine, you shouldn’t mix them with the ads shown on the Display/Content Network.

The Display/Content Network has its own characteristics, in terms of ad prices, click through rates, and different types of users than the Google Search Engine has. Creating a good ad for the Display/Content Network is a completely different thing than creating it for the search engine.

If you want to use the Display/Content Network, then create a separate campaign, and write different ads.

2. Turn on the accelerated method of displaying ads

Google offers two ways of displaying your ads (and therefore sucking your money): standard and accelerated.

The standard type takes a look at your daily budget, gives its best guess on how much traffic you can probably expect for selected keywords and your CPC bid, and then it starts to display your ads throughout the whole day trying to hit your budget as-late-as-possible.

The accelerated type on the other hand, displays your ads as many times as possible, the minute you hit the launch button. The result of such behavior can be hitting your budget even in an hour, and then during the rest of the day none of your ads will be displayed.

So why the accelerated, not economical type is the better one? Cause it lets you check the quality of your ads and the conditions on the market very quickly. This way you can make some adjustments to your campaign and expect better results quicker. You can reach maximum efficiency for your budget while maintaining full control over your campaign. If you’re using the standard type you don’t have these possibilities.

The difference can be compared to, let’s say, installing a turbocharger in your car. Because that’s what it is – a Google AdWords campaign management turbocharger.

3. Turn on the “rotate ads evenly” option

If you choose to rotate your ads, then Google will display them evenly, the same number of times. By using this solution you can see which ads are better (higher CTR and lead to higher conversions) and what is their advantage over the other ads.

The second option which Google offers – the optimized display, will show the best ad (according to Google) for most of the time. The only problem is that you can’t really verify these results, and it’s much harder to enter a new ad into circulation.

The difference between rotation and optimization is similar to the difference between manual and automatic transmission in your car. The automatic can give you some fun from driving, but if you want to get to the next level, you need to have the manual.

It’s probably a good opportunity to say that you really want to test at least two different ads at any moment. After a while you can keep the better one, and begin testing all over again. Analyzing the results and consistent testing are the keys to building successful Google AdWords campaign.

What’s next?

Don’t wait. Use these hints in your current AdWords campaigns and see if they work for you.

One more important thing. Sometimes AdWords just does not work for a particular offer. Maybe you should give Facebook a shot, or maybe the reason behind your problems is entirely different.

Is there anything else Google is not telling you? Or maybe there’s something they don’t want you to know…?