I present to you …
The Normal People Manifesto

The tagline on this site proudly says
“Online Business for Normal People.”

So the question is:
who do I mean by normal people?

Here’s something that should give you a general idea:

Normal people have things to take care of every day. Normal people have families. Normal people have jobs or businesses that they’re trying to grow. Normal people have hobbies. Normal people have moods. Normal people like to relax every once in a while.
Sounds like anyone you know, or do I have to continue with this…?

…So yes,
you are normal people.

I am normal people.

And you know what normal people don’t have?
Hours upon hours of time to spend sitting on their computer, watching yet another business training and trying to figure things out in the middle of the night.

Really, is it just me, or do you too feel
…that there’s simply too much information out there?
…that there’s a plague of information overload?
A plague that’s very difficult to opt out of.

You might say it’s just what the 21st century is about, and that “we might as well just deal with it.”

I say no, this isn’t right.

The fact is that ain’t nobody got time fo’ yet another 30-hour video course on this or that related to starting an online business, really! We have lives, damn it.


So what’s my role in all of this, and why am I telling you something you already know?

You know what, I’m just frustrated like you are.
Whenever I try to find some simple and structured information about a given skill (sometimes even very simple skill), I get almost crushed with the volume of information and so-called “quality content” out there.

And the craze is getting really out of hand. OUT OF HAND.
It’s so ridiculous that even relatively simple tasks get stretched out to multiple-part post series. Unnecessarily.

Need an example? Here’s a screenshot of a tutorial on how to get through the famous 5-minute WordPress installation:


Did you notice anything funny? … That’s part 6 of the tutorial. There are 6 friggin’ parts of it! Let me say this again, that’s 5-minute installation described in 6 long blog posts. This is mad!
Here’s my answer
(560 words).

Anyway, I’m getting slightly off track so let’s stop here and get straight to the important stuff.
I’m creating this whole site to fight this trend of over-delivery of information on every topic.
Instead of being yet another online business blog, I’m doing things a little differently (at least from this point forward).

My promise to you

If you are normal people who’s fed up with the amount of information out there and you want some direct and clear guidance then this is a site for you.

If you just want a clear resource that you can take a glance at and use when you work, instead of having to go through thousands of words spread out across tens of posts then this is a site for you.

If you prefer printouts, lists, and action points over long “ultimate guides” then this is a site for you.

If you are savvy and energetic and you know that you can make it big, but you need to find a way to get a grasp on all your tasks and projects then this is a site for you.

This is my manifesto. I am normal people.
I don’t have time to watch 10 different tutorial videos
…listen to 5 different podcasts
…and read 15 different blog posts every day
to learn how to grow a business.
I need solutions now. I need stuff that I can do today, right now.

If that’s something you can identify with, if that’s you, then welcome.

If not, no hard feelings, I bet that sites like Fizzle or Smart Passive Income will be a better fit for you.

Join me

If you’re still here then take a step further.

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Not quite sure yet?

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