Are You a Jack of NO Trades?


Here at we’re talking mostly online business. Every day many online entrepreneurs start their journey towards online success, that’s a fact.

Some have serious education right from the get go. Some don’t. Some have a detailed plan/strategy regarding what they’re planning to do and when. Some start with just an idea and improve along the way.

Here’s the main question:

Is traditional education important for online entrepreneurs? Or is it completely redundant? Can a Jack of No Trades succeed?

Check out my guest post at and join the discussion:

The Jack of NO Trades – New Breed of Online Entrepreneurs

What’s your opinion? Which way is the fastest? Education or action? (“In-between” answers not allowed.)


  • Dorine Vranek

    I read your post on Comment Luv and was surprised at how many people were happy to wing it and felt a formal education was redundant. Education vs action? Action, if its the wrong action, gets you no where.

  • Karol K.

    Sure, I agree. If we’re choosing action it has to be the right one.