Finding the Guts to Ask for a Refund

refundsIf you’re not a U.S. citizen then let me give you some heads up. This weekend is the Thanksgiving weekend. And the Thanksgiving weekend means Black Friday (which is today). Now, traditionally speaking, Black Friday is the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

Not that traditionally speaking it’s the day when everybody is out shopping trying to get the best deal of the year (which they usually do). For years now Black Friday has been known as the day when you can buy cool stuff at ridiculous prices (unfortunately that’s U.S. only).

And the trend has shifted to the online space as well. These days, more and more people browse various online stores in search for some deals they can get without leaving their couch.

Various online marketers from the online business / internet marketing space have noticed this too, and are now offering multiple deals on their products as well. Sometimes they go as far as offering their stuff for 50% off or so.

But this is where you – the customer – need to be careful. Especially when it comes to purely digital products.

Just because something is offered at 50% off doesn’t mean that it’s a quality product.

An interesting fact is that some internet marketing related products on Clickbank have refund rates as high as 35% or even more. I don’t know how about you, but I think that anything with a refund rate above 20% is simply shit.

To give you a counterexample, the average refund/return rate on Amazon is around 1-3%. (Based on my quick research prior to writing this post.) And products with return rates of 0.5% are not uncommon (something that’s unheard-of on Clickbank).

What this means in plain English is that if you’re shopping for a Black Friday deal on Amazon, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product in general. If you do it on Clickbank (the place where most of digital products are based), it’s a whole another story.

Should you ask for a refund?

Now, I’m not telling you to not buy anything on Black Friday. Actually, the opposite. If you’ve been wanting to get something for a while now then Black Friday is probably the best moment to make a move. And if the product is digital then you can take advantage of Black Friday even if you don’t live in the U.S.

However, keep in mind that even though a given product is highly discounted you can still ask for a refund if you don’t like it for any reason whatsoever.

There’s just one problem here. People are not comfortable asking for refunds

It’s probably due to our inner need to be nice to each other and not to cause problems. Even if we don’t like the product, many of us just tend to suffer in silence and simply put the product on the shelf and forget about it.

This isn’t advisable. Not at all.

Whenever I was struggling to return something that didn’t meet my requirements I was facing the same challenge. But then I found a way to explain to myself why I indeed should (or even have to) ask for a refund.

Two reasons, mainly.

  1. If someone had the balls to sell you a product that doesn’t deliver on its promises then you should have the same balls to return it and even call them a liar, publically.
  2. Your negative opinion can stop someone else from making the mistake of buying that product.

So should you ask for a refund when you’re not pleased with the product? In a word: Hell yeah!


Is it easy to get the refund?

When it comes to Amazon, I don’t know … I’ve never felt the need to ask for a refund on anything I ever bought there.

When it comes to Clickbank it’s very easy. Clickbank acts as the middleman. Whenever you buy something the money doesn’t go straight to the merchant, it goes to Clickbank. Clickbank then keeps the money for a little while before they finally transfer it to the merchant. This means that whenever you ask for a refund Clickbank will give it to you almost instantly.

(This is a really simplified description. In reality it’s a bit more complicated. Anyway, it does explain how refunds work from a customer’s point of view.)

How to make the decision

If you’re struggling to decide whether or not to ask for a refund on something that was supposed to help your online business but doesn’t (for whatever reason) then start by asking yourself the following question.

Did the product fail to deliver on the promise, or did the promise simply turn out to be untrue?

If that’s a yes then don’t even hesitate. Get your refund today.

However, be honest with yourself … maybe it’s you who failed to use the product the right way…?

I mean, don’t be the guy asking for a refund at McDonald’s just because you didn’t know hot coffee was not meant to be drank in one big sip.

So what’s your experience? Have you ever asked for a refund on a digital product from the online business / internet marketing niche? If so, what was the reason?