Big Copyright Change at

cc by-ncLet’s make it quick: From now on you can use all of my posts and republish them wherever you like.

However, there are some rules.

§ 1

Each post/article written by me (Karol K.) and published on falls under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license.

You can find out what that means here: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

(“Attribution” means that you have to attribute my work by linking back to the original post/article. And I mean a valid do-follow HTML link.)

§ 2

Each post/article written by a guest author remains his/her property, so ask for permission if you want to use their work.

§ 3

This blog’s theme (and graphics) doesn’t fall under the cc by-nc license. All rights reserved here.

§ 4

Every photo used/published on this blog has its own license or is “all rights reserved” by default.

I think that’s it

Feel free to remix, tweak, build upon my work non-commercially, republish my posts/articles, translate them and then republish, and so on.

I know I’m not the first blogger to do this. What do you think about this change?