[Printable] Split Testing and Statistical Significance 1-Pager

In essence, a one-pager is a very condensed resource about a given topic. It’s meant to list only the essential, and only the bits that will give you the most results while at the same time requiring the least of your input/effort. My first target, as you can see in the headline – split testing and statistical significance.

“Damn It, I Forgot How to Online Business!”

It’s easier than we think to get sidetracked and lose the flow of running our businesses… It’s those moments when you sit in front of the computer, doing some work (so you think), and realizing that you’re probably just wasting your time writing yet another piece of content (or promoting something, or emailing people, etc.).

10 Types of Spam to Be Aware of When Browsing Your Inbox

I decided to follow up on the topic of spam and point out some specific types of unwanted email that we’re attacked with on a daily (again, that’s daily) basis. I’m publishing this list as a kind of a strange resource just to keep us on our toes when going through our inboxes.

The 10 Online Snake Oil Salesman Commandments

Yes, today we’re all over online snake oil salesman! Maybe you’ve noticed that I quite enjoy writing posts on the dark side of online business, or more precisely, the dark side of online business education. In other words, I love to stumble upon some hip new douchebag marketer techniques, also known as online snake oil salesmen (in memory of their idols from back in the day in the wild west).