Creating a Blog Post – Frame by Frame Time-lapse

Composite of Clock and CalendarA couple of days ago when I was sitting in front of my computer with an intention to write another post as part of my Online Business Models Explained series an idea struck my mind. I wondered what does writing a post from start to finish look like from an observer’s perspective, so I decided to record a time-lapse video of the whole process.

What you’re about to see now is this particular video (only sped up significantly). It takes you from a blank piece of digital paper, to fully written, edited and proofread blog post (which will be published in just a couple of days, by the way).

Why am I showing you this? Well, I think that it might be interesting to see how other people go about creating new articles, and what the process looks like exactly.

This sped-up version is a lot shorter than the actual process because I’m sure that watching it at a normal speed would be exceptionally boring.

What do you thing about this video? Are you writing content in a similar manner, or maybe you tend to write different blocks of text and then align them to form a complete piece? Or maybe something entirely different?