Don’t Ever Write Without Warm-up

Without what?!

OK, bear with me. We all know the importance of content. If you have a website, no matter if you’re an online business owner or a blogger, or whatever… you need content. Content is king, remember?

The easiest, and often the best way of getting your hands on some fresh content is writing it yourself. Writing, however, can be a difficult task at some times. Especially when you simply run a word processor and try to put some initial words on the screen.

There’s one specific practice that can help you with that – warming up. Check out my guest post at Problogger to find out what I mean:

Don’t Ever Write Without this Writer’s Warm-up

Finally, what do you think about this whole idea? Is warming up worth the effort? For me, it’s one of the most important steps towards crafting a decent post.

  • Bojan

    Warm up writing is actualy a good thing. Looking forward for more of your guest posts.

    Again, your blog doesn’t read at all in Instapaper :(

  • Karol K.


    I’m slowly starting to lose hope about this Instapaper issue :) OK, I’ve just done some tweaks to my .htaccess … maybe now it’s going to work