Get Backlinks

get backlinksIf you’ve been reading the blog carefully, you’ve noticed the get backlinks series I was running a while ago. Every week or so I shared some tips and possible places where you can get backlinks to your site, as simple as this.

Backlinks are an essential part to every website’s or blog’s popularity. Well, not solely by themselves, but backlinks lead to good rankings on Google, and good rankings on Google lead to new visitors to your site.

That being said, there are hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of places where you can get backlinks, so in this series I’m introducing you to a different one in each edition. Onwards then! Just follow the arrows. I hope you’ll enjoy the content.

Part 1 – 30+ Article Directories


Part 2 – 12 Web 2.0 Sites


Part 3 – 6 Free Blog Sites


Part 4 – Video Hosting Sites


Part 5 – Social Bookmarking


Part 6 – Social News Sites


Part 7 – Blog Comments and Forums