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To-Do List Tools

A productivity tool does come handy. That’s for sure. But which one to use? This is the question we’ll answer today. Let’s have a look at all 5 tools, their strong and weak sides, their purpose, their level of simplicity, their ease of use, their feature-richness, their GTD-friendliness, and their (assumed) target group of users.

getting things done tips

Get your things done!

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a thing that’s been first introduced by David Allen. It’s a time management and productivity method to keep you organized and effective on a day by day basis. Personally, I’ve been practicing it for 4+ years now, and find it the best productivity booster ever!

This series of posts presents my own insights into Getting Things Done, how it works, and how to use it to meet your more productive self. Without further delay, here are my Getting Things Done tips.

One more thing, actually. I’ve always been interested in “all things productivity,” so I’m constantly on the hunt for some good productivity advice. I encourage you to contact me (or shoot me a comment) whenever you have something interesting and worth writing about.


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