Online Business Survival Guide, 2012 Edition

I know that tomorrow’s the first day of March, so two months of 2012 have already passed, but I still want to share some tips on things you should do in 2012 with your online business and website.

There was a lot of new year’s resolutions posts in early January, teaching you myriads of things that are absolutely essential for your existence. I have a bit different take on all this.

First of all, your online business.

Instead of going for every possible idea or project that you’ll stumble upon in 2012 I advise you to focus on a set of simple questions first. And only after answering them creating a list of actual things to do.

For this, check out my guest post at EpicLaunch:

Things to Ask Yourself About Your Online Business in 2012

Then, there’s your website or blog. “Thriving” and “becoming a celebrity” sound like good goals to pursue, but you’ll find it hard to come up with actual tasks that will bring you closer to them. So how about simply “surviving,” for a more graspable goal?

Check out my guest post at YoungPrePro to find out what the survival guide for bloggers is:

A New Year’s Survival Guide for Bloggers

Finally, what are you up to in 2012 with your online business? Any interesting ideas?

  • Linda

    These questions really opened my views about my planned business this 2012. I’l probably go with food related stuffs and advertise it using online blogs and other possible ways. Really great job on the questions! Hope to see more interesting articles the next time I visit. More power to you!

  • Richard Tan (CEO, Success Resources)

    There are so many different ways to make money online, but the only general area that I believe is a long term business model is that of selling products online. One thing that is important to remember when you are starting out online is that everyone makes mistakes. There is no perfect way to make money online. If there were today, someone would sell the idea to a million people, and then that market would be saturated.