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Marketing Tactics That Work

3300+ Words Worth of Non-Obvious Marketing Tactics That Work

I’ve been doing some research lately, trying to find non-obvious marketing tactics and see how I can apply them to my business. Compiling this post took a lot of work, but I’m happy to finally share it with you today. The ideas themselves are something I’ve stolen from the likes of Neil Patel, Forbes magazine, Jeremy Clarkson, John Jantsch, and a bunch of other people.


1 Simplistically Simple Way to Simplify Your To-Do List (Hint: It Involves the -P-)

When you look at it, a to-do list shouldn’t have a big learning curve. You should just be able to use it right away because in the grand scheme of things, the to-do list itself is not important. It’s the tasks that are listed on it that are important.

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