Regret I Didn’t Come Up with These Myself… April 2011

You know what? I like sharing those “regret I didn’t come up with these myself” links every month. There’s a lot going on on the internet. Lots of great posts are born every day. This month’s edition is no different. Here’s a list of 5 great posts from the past month (April 2011) which I regret I didn’t come up with myself.

Today’s theme: getting hired for a dream job

Land Your Dream Job With 25 Innovative Resume Ideas by Michael Poh

Let’s just start from a high note. A good resume is often the first step to getting that dream job. As Michael explains, there are times when companies just want a simple black and white, standard resume, but hold on… maybe being better than that can get you the extra mile. Find out for yourself.

How To Get Hired When “Nobody” Is Hiring by Karol Gajda

Getting hired is only as difficult as you make it, and thinking like the masses is one of THE problems. When was the last time the masses were right? Tune in to get some serious advice on being creative and taking action.

30 Portfolios to Inspire You by Gisele Muller

A great online portfolio is one of the things that can make you stand out from the crowd. And the good news is that it’s not that difficult to create one. Once you have some inspiration, of course…

100 Awesome and Original Business Cards from Designers by James Vincent

There’s one big problem with ordinary business cards – they all look the same. Except for the ones James presents in this post, so tune in and learn how to stand out in a stack of boring business cards.

How to email important people (5 tips you need to know) by James Clear

Getting a dream job will probably involve contacting someone important. As opposed to waiting for them to contact you. James gives some truly valuable tips on how to email important people and increase your getting-a-response rate.