Regret I Didn’t Come Up with These Myself… February 2011

Today is going to be a little different. It’s Friday and everybody’s probably thinking about all the cool stuff to do on Saturday or Sunday. So just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride – here’s a set of 7 cool articles from the past month (February 2011) which I regret I didn’t come up with myself… damn it!

Today’s theme: Freelancing and Building a Personal Brand

The simple two-step process by Seth Godin

The master of under-100-words-per-post strikes again. My summary would have probably been longer than the post itself, so just click the link and see what Seth is up to.

The Jersey Shore Guide to Irresistible Personal Branding by Lisa Barone

Oh yes… Jersey Shore. The pinnacle of modern entertainment. Still, you can learn something from it. Like, for example, how to create a strong personal brand. Great (and unusual) angle by Lisa Barone.

How to Build a (BIG) Personal Brand Online by Pat Flynn

In essence, branding is the ability to sell YOU. In this piece Pat gives you a set of nice tips on how to build a personal brand. He also tackles the big elephant in the room – the fact that building a personal brand is not for everyone.

Are You Making Connecting with People Online Harder Than it Should Be? by Corbett Barr

Networking 101. How to connect with people and don’t seem like a jackass at the same time. The most important point in this post (at least for me) is that you shouldn’t procrastinate and just start connecting with people today.

30 Inherently Useful Tools for Freelancers by Joel Bankhead

A great set of tools. Things you can find there: note taking tools, accounting tools, scheduling tools, time tracking tools, backup tools, payment processing tools, and more.

11 Tips for Freelancers to get Paid on Time by Andy Crofford

Not getting paid on time can be a serious issue when you have some expenses that are yet to be handled (which everybody has). Unfortunately, such a situation happens very often in the freelancing world. Learn how to avoid it.

Mastering the art of the follow-up: tips for freelance designers by Preston D Lee

Straightforward tips, not only for freelance designers, but for freelancers in general. Following up with your prospective clients is most effective when it’s a part of a system of some kind. Here’s a system proposed by Preston.