Regret I Didn’t Come Up with These Myself… January 2012

The early part of every year is really heavy on all the new year’s resolutions posts. No matter what you’re interested in you’ll always find a resolution post on your desired topic.

And I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing. I mean … I’m kind of guilty here too. This year, for example, I might have written four of such posts myself…

(Here they are, by the way: 31 New Year’s Resolutions for a WordPress Blog, Where to Find Design Inspiration in 2012)

It seems that the only sensible approach for January’s edition of the regret series is to take a look at some cool posts of this kind. So here’s a set of 7 great blog posts from the past month (January 2012) which I regret I didn’t come up with myself.

One more thing … you don’t actually have to take them seriously. There are some cool pieces of advice there, but it’s always up to you to select and execute only the ones that make perfect sense to you, your goals and way of living.

Today’s theme: The New Year – 2012!

Two Self Improvement Habits to Build in This New Year by Donald Latumahina

No list of gazillion resolutions here. Only two great habits you can build in 2012 to improve yourself. Let me just say upfront that it’s journaling and reading books. In this post, Donald explains the values of both.

A New Year’s Resolution Worksheet by Dave Kaiser

This isn’t a standard resolution post either. Here, Dave gives some tips on how to create your own new year’s resolutions list (he shares a template, so to speak), and what to do to improve your chances of going through with it.

6 Actionable Tips to Really Improve Your Blog in 2012 by Gregory Ciotti

Even if you’re not a blogger you can still pretty much use these tips to grow your online business or any other website you’re running. Gregory doesn’t give you any vague hints, but actionable stuff you can execute right now.

Starting a Freelance Business in 2012: Planning Ahead by Melanie Brooks

Starting a freelance business, or any kind of online business always creates some risk and uncertainty. Check out this article by Melanie to learn how to plan ahead having all the financial aspects of the venture in mind. When the initial excitement goes down it’s still your bottom line that matters the most.

5 Tips to Avoid Being a New Year Resolution Dropout by Brett Blumenthal

Deciding to take on some new year’s resolutions is not only about creating a nice shiny list. Actually, it’s mainly about not dropping out after the initial two or three weeks of excitement. In this post, Brett shares five great tips on how to make it through and be successful with your resolutions.

Creating a WordPress and Blogging New Year’s Resolutions List by Lorelle VanFossen

If you run your own online business or blog chances are that you’re using WordPress. It is a great platform for anyone who wishes to create a website fast. However, it still needs some maintenance work, and in this post, Lorelle shares a nice set of resolutions to keep your blog nice and healthy in 2012.

4 Online Reputation Management Tips for 2012 by Craig Kilgore

Online reputation management isn’t something we’ve talked about on this blog a lot, but it still is an important element for your online business or blog. In this post, Craig explains what reputation management is and gives four nice tips on how to execute it effectively in 2012.