Regret I Didn’t Come Up with These Myself March 2011

Let’s start the week from a high note – here’s a list of 7 exceptional posts from the past month (March 2011) which I regret I didn’t come up with myself again.

Today’s theme: Blogging and Guest Blogging

The Best Methods for Rejecting Guest Post Submissions by Broke Professionals

You didn’t expect to see such a title as the first one on the list, did you? Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but most posts in the guest blogging world get rejected.

How to Use Guest Blogging to Grow Your Blog by Onibalusi

First and foremost – why should you listen to him? He’s a guy who wrote 270 guest posts in 8 months. Case closed.

A Complete Guide to Writing Guest Articles by Shay Howe

Well, maybe not “a complete guide,” but still a great article. Shay talks about the benefits of guest blogging, and gives a nice how to guide on how to start and what to focus on.

Flow Chart: My Guest Posting Strategy for Mass Subscribers by the Blog Tyrant

The Blog Tyrant (the one “dominating the blogosphere”) shares an interesting guest blogging strategy that is surely worth considering. It’s presented as a graphical flow chart, which makes it easily digestible.

How a Tiny Blog Landed Guy Kawasaki (and Copyblogger!) by Danny Iny

This is a great story on how a small blog owner managed to get an exclusive interview with Guy Kawasaki prior to his newest book launch. And what the hell have you done lately?

10 Blog Post Creation Tips Every Blogger Should Follow by Michael Dunlop

Do you want to learn how to create amazing blog posts? Sure you do. In this post Michael shares some really valuable, straightforward advice that can be instantly applied. (I’m glad finally someone is brave enough to admit that the headline is more important than the post itself.)

The Ultimate Business Plan Workbook for Bloggers (Free Download) by Corbett Barr

Last but not least, a nice business plan workbook for bloggers. It’s only 6 pages long, but some of the insights are really eye-opening. Taking action on it can surely take you to the next level.