7 Quite Deadly Indicators That Your Online Business Website Is In Bad Shape


One beautiful day, I sent out an article to be published on a given website. I got a no. A fairly common thing. Not all posts find their home at first try, so I just decided to broaden my research and look for other sites that could be a good host for that article.

I found one and submitted it.

How surprised I was when the editor got back to me and told me that the article didn’t pass Copyscape (the plagiarism checker). What it basically meant was that someone else had previously published the article.

After connecting the dots quickly, I found that the article was indeed published by the first person I sent it to. They published it on a different site, with no attribution.

Contacting them didn’t produce much of an effect. So I’ve decided to give it a rest and share the article with you here instead. Fighting those kinds of people is never a productive habit. If you can afford it, leave such things behind you and move on with your projects (a general advice).

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Does Sending Mass Emails (Spam) Work for Grey-Area Online Entrepreneurs?

Grey-Area Online Entrepreneurs

So the other day I got an email. After giving it a thorough 3-second examination, it went straight to my spam folder. Then after a couple of hours, I went back to see it again as it actually was one of the most out of place spam emails I received in a while.

It was trying to sound like it was a personally crafted email by a real human who actually visited my site and then wrote the thing. But in the end, it was a lame attempt, mainly because of the topic of the email, which made it clear that the person was just sending mass emails. See for yourself:


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Dangerous SEO – How Not To Fall Victim

And we’re back to SEO again… sorry about this. But it just so happens that I’ve been browsing some of the guest posts I had the privilege to publish in the recent months and I’ve decided to share three of them with you. As you’d have guessed it, they are about SEO. To be more particular, it’s about how easy it is to screw up your site.

I’m sure you can see why this is highly relevant to running an online business. Quite frankly, if you mess up your reputation with Google, then you have very limited possibilities when it comes to promotion on the web. I mean, there’s still paid advertising, social media and direct visits from guest posts, but for most businesses, the loss of Google rankings still equals a huge knockout blow.

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If You Were Interested in The Essentials of Online Business, Where Should You Go?

EssentialsHonestly, if I were to start all over again with online business, apart from the fact that I would be seriously scared due to all the things I’d have to get familiar with in a short span of time, I’d also need a clear and understandable starting point.

And when I’m talking about starting an online business journey, I don’t simply mean launching yet another business. What I actually mean is building everything from the ground up, including your knowledge, expertise, learning the essential skills, getting familiar with the tools, having the right mindset, creating a business launch blueprint and so on. In a word, lots of things to do. [Read more…]