42 Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Post Headline Templates


[Last update: July 7th, 2015]

I can see two possible reasons why you’re here on this page. You are either a regular reader, in which case, thanks! You rock! Or you’re having a nasty case of writer’s block right now and this is the solution you’ve found on Google. Either way, I’m here to help.

I personally love templates. I’ve always been a fan of finding some structured solutions for common problems or challenges that appear frequently in our lives.

For example, why would you try to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, with every headline you write, when you can just use a tested template, something that others have been using for years. [Read more…]

How to Write a Blog Post – From Start to Finish, as Shown on This Cut-Out-‘N-Keep Blog Post Blueprint


Okay, I don’t intend to pretend that I’m some kind of a blogging guru who’s just gracefully provided the only proper blog post blueprint along with his fail-proof advice on how to write a blog post. Not at all.

This blueprint is just one of the possible approaches for writing blog posts, but it is my favorite one. The reason why I’m sharing it is because I believe it can be helpful to other bloggers too; especially when faced with a writer’s block of any kind.

The one thing the blueprint is not going to help you with, though, is finding a specific idea for your post, this is still on you, sorry. Anyway, without further delay, here’s the blueprint. It’s available in 5 main formats: [Read more…]

Oh, You Again … Here’s Where to Get Started

startPardon me with the title, it’s the first headline that came across my mind and I’ve decided to just go with it!

Let’s focus on the second part of it – “Here’s Where to Get Started”

I’m happy to announce a new page on newInternetOrder.com. It’s a “getting started page” – as in, how to get started with newInternetOrder.com and why would you even want to start in the first place.

In a (two) word, it’s a road sign pointing the way to the core content on this site.

But first… [Read more…]

Can Blogging Be a Long-Term Asset-Building Strategy for Online Business?

asset-buildingIn short, for all of you who don’t want to read the whole thing, yes it can.

However, it’s not actually that simple. The good thing is that your blog can, indeed, become a great resource for some niche audience and make you recognizable, that’s a fact. But the bad thing is that the content on every blog is very chaotic (by definition).

Here’s what I mean, and let me use an example. If you want to get some structured info on a specific topic, you go to Barnes and Noble and get a book. You don’t get 24 monthly archive issues of a popular magazine. Even though the articles in that magazine will surely be of good quality, you know that the lack of structure will make it very difficult to treat them as a handy resource. [Read more…]

How Often Should an Online Business Redesign Their Website

new-designFor some websites, big redesigns tend to turn into major events in the online community. For instance, every time YouTube rolled out an update, there were tons of people commenting it, expressing their opinions, and being ultra-interested in the whole thing in general.

But YouTube is YouTube, it has millions of users, and even the slightest change can be reflected by a rise or fall in the number of overall video views. So what about small online businesses? Do they need to change their designs too, or is sticking with one design for a number of years perfectly okay? In other words, should an online business redesign their website often? [Read more…]