Page Not Found; But Wait There’s More! – The Art Of Error Page Selling

errorYou’re not on an error page.

Just wanted to say this up front since the headline says “page not found.”

Anyway, the concept of error page selling is something I’ve stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago when looking at a product called Wishlist Error Page Booster (WEPB).

I didn’t actually buy it because I don’t have a membership site, but the idea itself is brilliant.

In short, it’s all about turning your error pages into sales pages.

In a minute, I will show you how to make this possible on any WordPress site for free, but first, let me give you a WEPB example: [Read more…]

Web Hosting for Online Business – Complete Guide

web-hostingI wanted to write this post for a long time. But never got to do it until today because I had the impression it would require much effort and time … and be kind of boring.

But when I finally started writing I was surprised to learn a thing or two about web hosting myself. So I guess we can all benefit.

This guide is about every aspect of web hosting that might be important to an online business owner (at least every aspect I know of). You can follow the advice step by step or just pick the elements that seem to be the most significant for your current situation.

Starting with:

Free hosts vs. standard hosts

Where “standard” means ones you have to pay for. [Read more…]

How to Design a Proper “Buy Button”


Buy buttons, or action point buttons are essential to every online business, e-commerce store, or even a simple affiliate site.

This may come as a surprise, but a quality buy button can make a huge difference in your profitability. If the button you’re using is not visible or simply not attractive enough to focus attention then you can’t expect any brilliant results. [Read more…]

Get a Quick Internet Marketing Lesson From Walmart – Add to Cart Button


We’ve all been to Walmart and we all know what shopping looks like in such a place. The way the sales process is built (I mean the ability to freely walk around the shop with a shopping cart) is no coincidence, and you can be sure that it would have been completely rebuilt a long time ago if it hadn’t been bringing results on a daily basis.

Many things can be adapted into online marketing but it’s worth to start with one simple step which will explode your sales as soon as today. [Read more…]