[Giveaway] Here’s Why Social Share Counters Suck, Plus What I Can Give You That Doesn’t (Hint, It’s Simple, Effective, and Free)

If you have a website, which you do, then you obviously need some social media share buttons.

But what if the buttons you currently use display all zeros? Like this:


There are probably very few things that are worse for your social proof than showing such numbers.

I guess this will sound quite obvious, but we’d surely wish to see this on our social media counters instead:

a lot of shares

In fact, let’s just tell it like it is:


For new and up-and-coming sites, showing counters on social media buttons is negative social proof. [Read more…]

Hey You! You’ve Lost Control in Your Business. Here’s Why, and What to Do About It


So you’ve been working on your online business, testing different things, playing with new methods…overall, just trying to make things go a little better.

Inevitably, however, comes the day when you will start having doubts.


Don’t deny it.


It happens to everyone.
[Read more…]

The Real Truth About Social Media for Business

social-selling-smallSo…social media. The holy grail of online business promotion, it seems. Quite frankly, if you’ve ever been pitched by a PR agency of any kind via a generic email then you’ve noticed that they generally try to sell you on two things. Usually goes something like this:

(1) We will help you to grow your traffic and exposure by applying top-notch SEO techniques that Google loves.


(2) We will include cutting-edge social media promotion to get you hundreds of engaged followers itching to buy your products and use your services.

Although the SEO part is well-known to be a huge factor in any online business’ lifespan, there’s not that much info regarding the actual effectiveness of social media. At least for the average (online) business. [Read more…]

How to Set Up an Online Business – Complete Beginner’s Guide

Meet Steven.


Steven is 28 years old and he wants to know how to set up an online business. You know, he’s been reading a lot of articles on the internet, hearing a lot of success stories, and now he wants in! He wants a big fat piece of this mysterious internet-lifestyle pie.

Unfortunately, he can’t simply skip some steps and go straight to relaxing at the beach while everything is done on autopilot. Before he can do that, he has to put a number of elements in place.

First and foremost, he has to have the right … [Read more…]