Things To Do Before You Make It Big On The Internet

Funny Dinosaur King is Biggest in the World by, on Flickr: couldn’t resist using this headline, but there’s actually no hype in this post. I just want to talk about some direct ways of making money on the internet.

In this case, “making money directly” is the opposite of “passive income.” So quite an interesting turn of events considering that the internet is all-in on the whole passive income concept, right?

In short, this is about freelancing – exchanging your expertise for money. [Read more…]

Hungry for Some New Year’s Resolutions for Your Online Business?

drinkAh yes, the new year is almost here and this means time for some new year’s resolutions. Besides some obvious stuff like losing weight and spending more time with your kids I want to interest you with some online business related resolutions. And I promise these are not things you’ll just abandon by the end of January.

1. Don’t create any crap products

This is something I talked about just recently. Crap products are things like 15 page e-books that are sold to your audience as “the best thing ever” when in fact they are just meant to make you some quick buck.

An odd thing for a new year’s resolutions list because it’s something I ask you not to do. And it’s probably even more strange as every marketer online tells you to indeed go out and create such simple products. [Read more…]

The Olympics Rule to Recognize a Scam

100mdashThe concept I have for you today is actually really simple and talks about the issue of recognizing a scam when it’s being offered to you.

These days, there are a lot of different products and services targeted towards people who are looking for new ways to make money online.

“Making money online” is actually a huge niche. There are hundreds of different approaches at it. Some require more work, others less. Some revolve around freelancing, others have a more passive income driven nature. Some feature tangible products sold online, others just simple digital products.

And every one of those approaches is a possible, genuine path to making money.

However. [Read more…]

Advantages of Hiring Freelance Experts

hireToday’s post is about freelancing. But this time we’re not talking about being a freelancer. We’re talking about hiring a freelancer. Would it be a worthwhile investment for your business?

Enter Romel Curambao of

With the emergence of freelancers nowadays, businesses have made some drastic changes in their workforce lineup. Some companies are no longer hiring many employees because of these freelancers who are competent enough to provide the services they needed. These freelancers have indeed created a niche for themselves and many businesses have certainly maximized their talents.

From the looks of it, hiring a freelance expert is more of an advantage for the company. Many companies have already tried this and they have succeeded with it. So if you’re looking for an effective member of the company and thought of employing a freelancer, you will surely enjoy the following advantages of doing so. [Read more…]