Web Hosting for Online Business – Complete Guide

This guide is about every aspect of web hosting that might be important to an online business owner (at least every aspect I know of). You can follow the advice step by step or just pick the elements that seem to be the most significant for your current situation.

How to Set Up a Standing Desk (and Why)

Well, the idea of a standing desk is quite simple – it’s just a desk that you’re standing next to, instead of sitting at. At first, this doesn’t sound right at all, so let me address some of the FAQs right away.

Do You Make These Mistakes While Writing Blog Posts?

I hate to be the one to break this to you, but you make mistakes too… We all do. Being able to put some words together in a smooth sequence of sentences is not enough to produce a decent blog post. “Easy reading is damn hard writing” – I guess Nathaniel Hawthorne was right after all… Now let’s set some … Read More

How to Calculate Productivity? My Own Simple Approach

Is there a way to calculate productivity? If so, then I’m the perfect person to tell you about it (not to toot my own horn here, of course). You see, it’s late night here in Poland and yet I’m still sitting here, writing this short post, and feeling productive. To calculate productivity, using my method, you have to follow a … Read More