Which Is the Best To-Do List Manager / Task Manager? Top 5 Tools Compared

To-Do List Tools

Remember The Milk (RTM) // Trello // Asana // Any.do // Evernote.

Since I’m really serious about following the main idea for this site – which is making normal people’s lives easier by providing structured and actually useful info – I’m starting with something that’s an important part of every internet person’s existence.

The fact is that if you’re doing any sort of business on the web then you have tens of projects to deal with, tens of tasks, tens of people to contact, and tens of goals to achieve…and probably other tens of things as well.

A productivity tool does come handy. That’s for sure. But which one to use? This is the question we’ll answer today.

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Does Sending Mass Emails (Spam) Work for Grey-Area Online Entrepreneurs?

Grey-Area Online Entrepreneurs

So the other day I got an email. After giving it a thorough 3-second examination, it went straight to my spam folder. Then after a couple of hours, I went back to see it again as it actually was one of the most out of place spam emails I received in a while.

It was trying to sound like it was a personally crafted email by a real human who actually visited my site and then wrote the thing. But in the end, it was a lame attempt, mainly because of the topic of the email, which made it clear that the person was just sending mass emails. See for yourself:


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The Real Truth About Social Media for Business

social-selling-smallSo…social media. The holy grail of online business promotion, it seems. Quite frankly, if you’ve ever been pitched by a PR agency of any kind via a generic email then you’ve noticed that they generally try to sell you on two things. Usually goes something like this:

(1) We will help you to grow your traffic and exposure by applying top-notch SEO techniques that Google loves.


(2) We will include cutting-edge social media promotion to get you hundreds of engaged followers itching to buy your products and use your services.

Although the SEO part is well-known to be a huge factor in any online business’ lifespan, there’s not that much info regarding the actual effectiveness of social media. At least for the average (online) business. [Read more…]

Can Running Your Business From a Mobile Actually Work?

I’ve been doing some testing lately (this weekend to be exact). Testing revolving around running a business mobile.

The question was simple – the one you see in the headline: Can running your business from a mobile actually work? And it’s online business we’re talking here, as always.

The tools:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 + internet access.


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