Launching Your Product on Christmas and Selling it Like a Supermarket

Launching a product on Christmas is an interesting concept. People are already in a buying mood … and spending money seems just way easier … almost like it’s the right thing to do.

Anyway, if you’ve been planning to launch your product on Christmas then you’re probably at an advanced stage of planning and preparation already. However, I still have two more pieces of advice for you.


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Revealed: Why Having an Entry-level Product Can Make Your Business

There’s an urban legend circulating around the internet about a guitar pick seller from eBay. This seller would offer bags full of guitar picks at ridiculously low prices, instead of offering picks individually one-by-one like other sellers did.


This person has soon become the leader of the “guitar pick” market and wiped out his competition completely. People couldn’t see how he can possibly make money by selling picks at such low prices.

The answer’s: he didn’t make any money.

At least not by selling picks. But he was still a successful entrepreneur. How come? [Read more…]

Upselling Like a BOSS – How to Pull the Trigger

Are you ready to bring a gun to a knife fight? Because, essentially, that’s what upselling is.

For some people upselling is like generating free money, others don’t believe in the whole idea that much.

My opinion is somewhere in between. I know that upselling can bring you some serious profits, but only if you set your offers with upselling in mind from the get-go. It’s hard to upsell if you don’t have anything to offer, right? [Read more…]

Guess What? My Marketing Works!

fpm contest badgeOr does it?

Anyway, I’m delighted to say that I’ve made it to the final round of Danny Iny’s marketing competition – “Marketing that Works.”

The competition is all about innovative marketing ideas, and sharing them with others. Every participant had to come up with such an idea, and then turn it into a guest post.

I can’t give you too much details about my post right now, but let me just tell you that it’s about upselling. Not the general idea, of course, but a single specific aspect of it. [Read more…]

Things You Can Learn about Marketing while Sunbathing

sunbathingDo you think you could give away your product for free, and still make good amount of money, or maybe even more? Does it sound like one of the standard internet marketing tips? If your answer is “no”, then I’m sorry but you are dead wrong. This is a lesson about how to position your upsells the right way, which I’ve learned (for free) while sunbathing in one of the tourist resorts in Greece.

In the northern part of one of the Greek islands – Crete, there is a small town – Hersonissos, and in it dozens of hotels and tourist attractions … making a long story short it’s a typical environment in such type of place.

One of more popular places where you can spend your time is a place called “Star Beach”. What you can find there is stuff like: swimming pools, water slides, sunbeds, palm trees, the beach, the sea, water attractions, a gym, good weather, the sun, and a disco in the evenings. My point is – everything you could possibly need on vacation is there. And what is the best thing about it? [Read more…]