Time to Change Things Up a Bit; and The 1st Rule of BS

1stWhen was the last time you saw a marketing message that simply made you lose all hope in humanity? I mean, something promising things like millions of dollars overnight, thousands of visitors to a new site within a week, or hundreds of “quality leads who are ready to buy your products.”

The internet marketing and online business space is getting really crowded these days, and people are willing to do exactly anything to sell their crap.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of educating people on how to make money on the internet, but I’m not particularly excited about pretending that it can be done overnight.

For instance, do you imagine a teacher on their first day in the 1st grade telling kids that they can do quantum physics by the end of the week?

Well, it’s not possible in the real world, but it’s perfectly possible in the internet marketing niche. That’s why we constantly hear left and right that every beginner can be rich before the end of the month.

How come some people still believe in this?

Being guilty

Let me admit something. I was doing this too. To some extent.

The concept of getting rich seemed superb, especially if it didn’t require much effort. But then I realized that believing in success and fooling yourself that success will come no matter what you do are two completely different things.

No one will ever get rich on belief itself. It simply won’t happen until you’re going to take some proper action and learn along the way. And most importantly of all, we all have to start from the basics, not go into quantum physics on day one. (Also, if you think that the only thing you need to succeed is The Secret then … well, serves you right.)

So when I finally figured out that in order to succeed one has to do a lot more than just believe, I decided to create this blog and talk about the basics of online business, as opposed to “how to get rich.”

The basics that I was not an expert at, but I was learning along the way, and it was also nice for me to have a place where I could keep all my insights and thoughts. Makes sense, right?

But I was still kind of mad that there’s so much crap circulating around the web, acting on people’s emotions and sending countless subliminal messages. However, I decided to be quiet, and not to say anything about it, to focus only on the advice.

The change

Well, not anymore.

From now on, I’m going to focus not only on advice, but also on talking about scam practices and introducing some scam artists into the mix.

I guess that we can only get the complete view of a given market if we decide to pay attention to both sides of the force.

Just like with dieting. You can never fully dedicate yourself to eating healthy until you identify all the crap foods you should avoid. Running an online business is very similar. You need to know both sides of the game, so you can call people on their bullshit the second you see it.


“The 1st Rule of BS”

The thing I want to leave you with in this post is one simple rule of thumb that seems to be working regardless of the field it’s applied to:

If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

As simple as this…

If someone says you can win the 100 meter dash at the Olympics with no training then you know it’s too good to be true.

If someone says you can lose 20 pounds of fat overnight then you know it’s too good to be true.

If someone says you can become a recording artist overnight without any experience making music then you know it’s too good to be true.

Same thing with building a successful online business…

What’s your take? Do you stumble upon much internet marketing bullshit on the web these days?