Why Launching a Blog “For Yourself” Doesn’t Work – a Failure Case Study

Now, the most important question here is this: What’s in it for you and how can you learn from my unfortunate mistakes? Here are the things I’m about to discuss: Why I think that writing a 100% personal blog is very unlikely to stand the test of time. How to find out if you’re heading towards failure or not. How to launch a personal blog better. When is a good time to pull the plug on such a site.

42 Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Post Headline Templates

I personally love templates. I’ve always been a fan of finding some structured solutions for common problems or challenges that appear frequently in our lives. For example, why would you try to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, with every headline you write, when you can just use a tested template, something that others have been using for years.

Content Creation – Probably the Most Underrated Skill in Online Business


Here’s the thing, there are very few successful online businesses that don’t focus on actively creating and publishing content on their sites. Content is probably THE success factor on the internet these days. If you want to get popular, build your brand, and so on, blah blah, you need content.

Can Blogging Be a Long-Term Asset-Building Strategy for Online Business?

In short, for all of you who don’t want to read the whole thing, yes it can. However, it’s not actually that simple. The good thing is that your blog can, indeed, become a great resource for some niche audience and make you recognizable, that’s a fact. But the bad thing is that the content on every blog is very chaotic (by definition).