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Why Launching a Blog “For Yourself” Doesn’t Work – a Failure Case Study

Now, the most important question here is this: What’s in it for you and how can you learn from my unfortunate mistakes? Here are the things I’m about to discuss: Why I think that writing a 100% personal blog is very unlikely to stand the test of time. How to find out if you’re heading towards failure or not. How to launch a personal blog better. When is a good time to pull the plug on such a site.

42 Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Post Headline Templates

I personally love templates. I’ve always been a fan of finding some structured solutions for common problems or challenges that appear frequently in our lives. For example, why would you try to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, with every headline you write, when you can just use a tested template, something that others have been using for years.

How to Write a Properly Usable Review

Reviews are like flyers in your local travel agency – some have no impact on you whatsoever, but some make you want to visit a certain place so bad that you literally can’t wait to reserve a flight and a hotel. Writing a review is not about convincing anyone to do anything. It’s about giving some honest opinions about a given product and listing its pros and cons.

Be More Productive by Writing TWO Versions of the Same Article! – Wait, What?!

Just bear with me on this one, OK? Content is often the key element for many online business owners, that we know. And it’s not hard to see why because it’s, well … difficult (to say the least) to attract any traffic if you don’t have anything interesting on your site … perhaps even impossible. …

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