Which Is the Best To-Do List Manager / Task Manager? Top 5 Tools Compared

A productivity tool does come handy. That’s for sure. But which one to use? This is the question we’ll answer today. Let’s have a look at all 5 tools, their strong and weak sides, their purpose, their level of simplicity, their ease of use, their feature-richness, their GTD-friendliness, and their (assumed) target group of users.

Heard about ProfitHacks? This is Why I DON’T Want You to Buy It

Where everyone says that you should absolutely buy this, I feel the need to say the opposite. Don’t buy this! Unless you have $997 to spare just like that. In such a case, your call. But if you really like to get your money’s worth of value out of the things you buy then you’re better off spending it on a bunch of beers and getting drunk…

Penzu Pro Review – Personal Online Journal On Steroids!

If you’re like most people then you might think that writing a journal/diary is child’s play. That there’s no possible value of such thing for a grownup. Well, think again. I always say that keeping a personal journal is the best way of warming up your writing muscle in the morning.