Which Is the Best To-Do List Manager / Task Manager? Top 5 Tools Compared

A productivity tool does come handy. That’s for sure. But which one to use? This is the question we’ll answer today. Let’s have a look at all 5 tools, their strong and weak sides, their purpose, their level of simplicity, their ease of use, their feature-richness, their GTD-friendliness, and their (assumed) target group of users.

Penzu Pro Review – Personal Online Journal On Steroids!

If you’re like most people then you might think that writing a journal/diary is child’s play. That there’s no possible value of such thing for a grownup. Well, think again. I always say that keeping a personal journal is the best way of warming up your writing muscle in the morning.

My Top 12 Favorite Tools Ever

If you’re like me you like tools; online tools, offline tools, iPhone tools, widgets, apps, and whatevs. Actually, if you’re any type of an online business designer I’m sure you like tools. Tools are what makes our lives easier. Both professionally and personally. Now, just so we’re on the same page … this isn’t simply yet another lame list post. … Read More