Getting Things Done – Online Entrepreneur’s Secret to Success

Getting Thing Done has changed the lives of many people around the world. Maybe you’re a proud member of that group or maybe you’re not (yet). No matter what your situation is, getting to know this methodology is surely worth the time because it might be exactly what you need to improve your productivity.

(Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about … Getting Things Done is a personal productivity methodology created by David Allen that’s taking world by storm.)

That being said, GTD is not something you’re not using one day, and then using to the max the next day. The process of getting into GTD needs to be planned, and requires a set of initial steps. One of which is getting familiar with the methodology itself – i.e. reading the book.

GTD is not just a set of loose tips and guidelines. It’s a complete system that has been developed over a number of years in many different environments, for many different people. And as a result, it can work for almost anybody, but it has a bit of a learning curve.

First of all:

Do you really need GTD?

At first, many people tend to think that their life is not nearly as complicated that it requires a fancy system to manage it.

Maybe you’re one of these people. Maybe you have your online business or a 9-5 job and some simple personal tasks like learning Spanish, for example, or some hobby activities, house chores, etc., and using a system for all of that seems like an overkill to you. You’re afraid that you might spend more time playing with the system than getting the actual things done.

A valid concern, I agree, but not necessarily correct. You see, the main goal of GTD is to get things out of your head. It’s to learn how to use your head to think about things not to remember about things.

One of the benefits of GTD is that once you implement it into your life you will never again fear of forgetting something important because you’ll know that the information is stored somewhere in the system, and will be presented to you when the time for action comes.

If you can see the value of the system by now (or if not) I invite you to take a look at my Getting Things Done guide (series) at

The series is called Productivity Made Simple and it’s a crash course Getting Things Done guide. I’ve tried to cover all the important elements of the methodology – ones that are essential if you want to get started.

The series consists of 5 parts, each taking you through one element of GTD. After completing this guide you will be able to start organizing your work GTD style.

  1. Productivity Made Simple: Where to Start with GTD
  2. Productivity Made Simple: Selecting What to Do Next with GTD
  3. Productivity Made Simple: The 7 Main Elements of GTD
  4. Productivity Made Simple: The Key to GTD – Your Daily Graph of Activity
  5. Productivity Made Simple: How to Keep Your Projects from Killing You
  6. BONUS: The Only 5 Tools You Need to Implement GTD

We all need some approach at productivity. Especially if we’re running an online business of any kind. Whenever there’s no boss standing above us we have a tendency to procrastinate on important tasks or simply be a little lazy.

Of course, I’m not saying that you absolutely have to use GTD to help you remain productive. You can develop a different way that’s more natural or comfortable to you. But the fact remains that you need to do something.

Which leaves me with only one question I have for you: What are you doing to improve your everyday productivity?

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  1. How to Blog

    How to Blog

    A lot of marketers fail to achieve their business not because of the lack of knowledge but due to procrastination. Getting things done is a simple yet utterly important step to achieving success in any type of business. This seems pretty interesting Karol.

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