Productivity Improvement for Online Entrepreneurs – The All-You-Need-to-Know Resource

This is a hub page on productivity improvement, how to build your productivity and remain at your top performance when running your online business. It’s one of the new resource pages I’m rolling out to help normal people with their online endeavors.

Productivity improvement was kind of my thing for the past couple of years. Well, maybe not my thing in terms of being ultra-productive, but definitely in terms of searching for my most productive self.

I would still probably make a poor guru, though, as there are a lot of things I haven’t figured out yet. But the things I did figure out, I want to share with you today.

This hub is a little different from the other ones I published so far. It’s a lot more graphic and (I hope) easier to grasp as well.

Feel free to start your journey to productivity improvement by selecting the section that interests you the most or by simply scrolling down.

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Your workplace

Okay, let me start by sending you over to my no. 1 productivity hack of all time – getting a standing desk. I know that the idea of standing while working is not the most intuitive thing at first. But as it turns out, it can make you much more efficient at what you do. Simply because you don’t want to be the idiot remaining in the standing position for 8+ hours (pardon my language).

Learning the basics of productivity

For me there’s just one way of mastering the art of staying productive throughout your workday and getting a crapload of things done. And that is to spend some time learning a work and time management methodology called Getting Things Done. Here’s my new helper page about this whole thing.

Plus, here are some additional resources. What’s your weapon of choice? Modern productivity tools and apps, or paper?

How to get maximum done

Three specific pieces of advice I have for you in the “getting maximum done” department.

Common misconceptions

The topic of productivity improvement has many traps waiting for people and actually causing them to be not effective at all. For instance, multitasking is likely to be found on many resumes under the section labeled “advantages,” where in fact it’s one of the most common productivity killers…

Here’s an in-depth look into that one and some more common productivity misconceptions:

Handling rough days

As much as we’d like our day to day work to be seamless and straightforward, some days are just going to be tougher than the others. Here’s what to do when you don’t feel productive at all:

What’s next

Well, nothing really. Just get to work and try to enjoy the process along the way. This is all the advice I have for you…

I encourage you to take a look at the other resource pages on this site to get some insights on how to start marketing your newly launched online business site. In the meantime, feel free to contact me via email or Twitter in case you have any questions.