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Crafting Perfect 404 Pages: Best Practices From Successful Sites

best practices for 404 pages
When you click a link and are greeted with a "Page Not Found" message instead of the content you expected, you've encountered what's known as a 404 error page. This happens when the webpage you're trying to reach either doesn't exist or has been moved without redirecting the old link.

20 Best AI Web Design Tools: Website Builders, Image Tools, Etc.

best AI web design tools
The quest for the best AI web design tools is more relevant than ever before. As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it's redefining various industries, including web design. Gone are the days when you needed to spend hours perfecting your website's layout, choosing color schemes, or optimizing user experiences.

Here’s a Handy Roadmap for Anyone Scared of WordPress

Let's not fool ourselves here ... WordPress is a complicated thing. And no matter what most tutorials on the web try to say, getting a good grasp on it does take some time indeed. So what I want to show you today is a slightly different approach to WordPress.

Top 20 WordPress Business Themes – Comparison

I've always been fascinated with WordPress themes for some reason, and particularly WordPress business themes. Probably because they allow us to change virtually everything about our sites in just seconds, via a simple "activate" button under a new theme.

How Often Should an Online Business Redesign Their Website

For some websites, big redesigns tend to turn into major events in the online community. For instance, every time YouTube rolled out an update, there were tons of people commenting it, expressing their opinions, and being ultra-interested in the whole thing in general. But what about small online businesses?

Web Hosting for Online Business – Complete Guide

This guide is about every aspect of web hosting that might be important to an online business owner (at least every aspect I know of). You can follow the advice step by step or just pick the elements that seem to be the most significant for your current situation.