9,200,000+ Traffic Sources for Your Blog or Website


trafficAs it turns out, never say never… I mean, if you know me I’m one of the few people who honestly think that massive list posts are stupid, and impossible to digest… Yet, here I am writing one.

Let me explain. The whole “getting traffic” issue is one which can be approached from many different angles. The possibilities are countless. You can get traffic from so many different places and by utilizing so many different practices that it’s more than easy to overlook something.

That’s why I’ve created this leviathan. I wanted to come up with a list containing all the practices and traffic sources I can think of.

But it’s still me, so even though I’m the author I still find this list impossible to go through for a normal human. That’s why I don’t expect you to read all of it. Just find a portion that interests you and use it as a reference file.

Here we go: 9,200,000 traffic sources for your blog or website:

So-called free traffic

…cause it’s nowhere near free.

1. Search engines – SEO

SEO is probably one of the biggest things you can practice in order to get some traffic for your website (by the way, make sure to check out my complete guide to hosting for online business). Top ranking for a good, competitive keyword can mean the world to your blog or website.

WordPress SEO is a pretty popular topic around the internet. Don’t forget to check these two cool posts: WordPress SEO – The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For Your Blog at Yoast, and WordPress SEO: The Only Guide You Need at ViperChill

2. Email marketing

Fancy name, but what it really means is sending emails to a list of people and leading them back to your blog. If you haven’t started to build your email list yet, it’s about time. Check out MailChimp as they are the only big player offering free services.

3. Co-registration traffic

This one’s usually not free, but it’s a part of email marketing, so I thought I might as well place it here. The basic idea is this: You find someone who already has an email list and try to convince them to place an additional form somewhere in their sign-up funnel.

This form/field/checkbox asks a new subscriber whether or not they want to subscribe to your list too. Something along the lines: “Hey. You might also consider subscribing to Karol’s list. He shares some interesting information about internet marketing. Just tick the checkbox and you’re good to go.”

In the end you get a new subscriber without any real effort on your part.

Social media traffic

There’s a couple of different things here.

Social bookmarking

In a sentence – you add your blog to a number of different social bookmarking services.

The services:

4. Delicious
5. Connotea.org
6. Blinklist.com
7. Faves.com
8. Mister-wong.com
9. Spurl.net – problems while loading the site
10. Netvouz.com
11. Diigo.com
12. Backflip.com – no longer with us
13. Bibsonomy.org
14. Folkd.com
15. linkaGoGo.com
16. Slashdot.org
17. Technorati.com
18. MyStuff
19. Buddy Marks
20. Connectedy
21. MyLinkVault
22. Google Bookmarks
23. Jumptags.com
24. OYAX
25. A1 Webmarks
26. Bookmark Tracker
27. myVmarks – no longer with us
28. Wirefan.com – no longer with us
29. Boomarking.com
30. Symbaloo
31. Karmalynx.com

You don’t have to do it by hand though:

32. BookmarkingDemon
33. IMAutomator.com
34. SocialPoster
35. SocialMarker.com
36. SocialAdr

37. One more trick you can use. Share your new post via Google Reader (the little share icon at the bottom).


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  • http://increasingworkplaceproductivity.net Bojan

    I think that keyword term got Google slapped, it doesn’t have that many results anymore

  • http://www.christine.biz Christine

    Extremely thorough list. Curious how long it took you to put it together. :-)

    Well, I love bookmarking articles like this. And am definitely going to share it!

  • Karol K.

    @Bojan: You’re right, somehow it’s down to 1,650,000 now.

  • Karol K.

    @Christine: A while, Christine, a while ;)

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  • http://www.neerajkulkarni.com Internet Success Blueprint

    That list of traffic sources is really awesome. Quite frankly I knew just a few like articles, google adwords, social media etc. But your post has given me a start up for many different traffic sources I am going to use in future. Thanks for sharing this lovely list.

  • Karol K.

    You’re welcome :)

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    Hey Karol,

    just stumbled your way…
    like your sense of humor…
    …cause it’s nowhere near free.

    have to agree with you there..
    great post though.. lots of good info…


  • Karol K.

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